7-Eleven unveiled a new store in a suburb of Tokyo that will have more than twice the number of products and is almost double the size of regular 7-Elevens.

“Our stores are currently not as popular with women, families and younger people,” Keisuke Yamaguchi, an executive officer of Seven & i, said.

“How to balance that is our biggest concern when choosing what items to have in the store.”

According to the Business Times, the new trial 7-Eleven carries easy-to-prepare groceries, baby products, trendy makeup and other items that are not usually carried at 21,500 outlets across Japan.

At the new store are about 2,000 additional products, including fresh fruit, diapers and hair-care products. There will be a larger cafe menu, as well as freshly baked breads and pizza.

7-Elevens in Japan offer everything from fresh food to concert tickets to delivery packages in one place, said the Times.

Still, the retailer is betting that it can draw in a wider range of consumers by adding more food choices and household goods.

Seven and i Holdings, which has more than 80,000 7-Eleven stores around the world, acquired 7-Eleven Australia in 2023.

Through the acquisition, Seven and i Holdings will gain 751 stores across Australia.

Joe DePinto, 7-Eleven’s CEO and current board director for Seven & i Holdings shared what defines his leadership style and the best advice he’s received. 

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