AACS is committed to empowering individuals and businesses in the convenience retail industry through programs offered by our training partners. Whether you're a frontline staff member or a seasoned director, these programs are designed to enhance skills, foster innovation, and drive success in a rapidly evolving market. Where excellence meets opportunity.

retail immersion

Offline theoretical lessons and online applied learning

Developed by retailers and wholesalers, Retail Immersion (RI) is an immersive learning program where participants learn through first-had experience how to manage aa convenience retail business in a virtual marketplace.

During the program, participants work in teams to manage a full retail P&L with the objective of becoming the most successful retailer in the virtual marketplace. Through a combination of offline lessons and online applied learning (10 modules tailored to meet development needs), participants use live data and outcomes, and are challenged to think strategically and problem-solve in real-time.

Single Delegate $1,960+GST

Single Team (4 - 5 delegates) $7,840+GST

Full Program (16 - 20 Delegates) $28, 580+GST

Modular by design

Built using a combination of modules consisting of an offline component where participants learn retail principles and concepts before taking their knowledge online to apply their learnings, in practice, in the virtual marketplace.
  • Strategy
  • Merchandising
  • Pricing
  • External Influences
  • Vendor Management
  • Store Design
  • Range & Assortment
  • Promotions
  • eCommerce
  • Inventory

MELBOURNE: TUES, 21 - WED, 22 MAY 2024

SYDNEY: TUES, TUES, 23 - WED, 24 JULY 2024

AICD - Foundations of Directorship™

Foundations of Directorship™

$3,340 + GST, Face to Face 3 Day Course in Sydney CBD

Monday, 22nd July - Wednesday, 24 July, 2024

The Foundations of Directorship program consists of six sessions delivered across three courses— Governance for Directors, Risk and Strategy for Directors and Finance for Directors.

Governance for Directors provides participants with an introduction to the functions of a board, the wide range of directors’ duties and responsibilities, the internal and external relationships of the board, and best practice for conducting effective board meetings. Participants develop a deeper understanding of director performance best practice as well as compliance requirements.

Risk and Strategy for Directors provides participants with an understanding of how to focus on the long-term direction of their organisation, i.e. how to contribute to discussions about what the organisation is going to do and how it is going to achieve it. The course also discusses director knowledge of risk, with the aim of improving participants’ understanding of what risk is and of how risks faced by organisations are identified and measured. Participants will also investigate ongoing assessment and treatment of risk.

Finance for Directors provides a straightforward introduction to financial statements from the director’s perspective. Participants will explore the three key financial statements: the balance sheet, the income (profit and loss) statement and the cash flow statement; and discover how directors use these statements to monitor financial performance and to assess overall company performance at board level. The course also examines the financial aspects of directors’ statutory duties and non-financial indicators of company performance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the duties and responsibilities of a director
  • Outline governance and board meeting processes
  • Outline the director's role in evaluating financial statements
  • Recognise the link between corporate strategy and financial performance
  • Identify the director's role in formulating and monitoring strategy, and identifying and assessing risk


AICD - Company Directors Course™

Company Directors Course™

$9,200 + GST, Face to Face 5 Day Course in Melbourne CBD

Monday, 23 September - Friday, 27 September, 2024

The Company Directors Course (CDC) has been designed for directors looking to understand director roles and responsibilities in-depth, who wish to take their boardroom performance to the next level and improve their impact in today's evolving business landscape.

On completion of the course, participants will have a deeper understanding of what effective governance looks like in practice.

The course will help participants:

  • Gain clarity around a director’s role, legal responsibilities, and community expectations.
  • Improve financial literacy and understanding of the strategic and financial levers that can help drive performance and sustainable value in your organisation.
  • Explore the tensions between short and long-term priorities and diverse stakeholder interests.
  • Enhance future strategic discussions with the knowledge and tools needed to improve your organisation's performance and evaluate risks effectively.
  • Identify how you can make your board more effective and streamline board processes.
  • Enhance judgement and decision-making skills.
  • Improve performance as a director and deepen your understanding of boardroom dynamics.
  • Put learnings into practice through activities, real-world case studies and a boardroom simulation alongside peers.
  • Join a network of leaders: Established in 1975, the Company Directors Course has a proven track record. With over 65,000 graduates, our alumni include the directors of many of Australia’s most prestigious organisations.


  • Course pre-reading
  • Course notes and materials
  • Course delivery in a highly interactive classroom
  • Access to AICD’s MyLearning Platform
  • Participant end-of-course evaluation report
  • Participant statement of attendance
  • Optional assessment, successful completion of which results in the achievement of the Company Directors Award and eligibility for the GAICD title.

Assessment and recognition

Participants who successfully complete the (optional) course assessment will qualify for the Company Director Course Award and may be eligible to use the GAICD post nominal (AICD members only).

There are three assessment tasks, the assignment, exam, and quiz to achieve the Company Directors Course Award. These assessments are undertaken and submitted online.


safety at work courses

Handling abusive and aggressive customers

$49.50 online course

Customer aggression is on the rise, and it can be a challenge for retail workers to keep control of an escalating situation. What is the best way to handle a customer whose behaviour becomes threatening? What strategies will help diffuse and refocus a bad interaction, and when is it appropriate to walk away?

Keeping your customers healthy with food safety

$49.50 online course

Food safety is crucial to protect consumers from the risk of food borne illnesses. This course gives you basic information about maintaining food safety in a retail environment.

AACS Commercial Academy

Enhancing skills and competencies

One Day Program: $2,210 + GST, Two Day Program: $4,420 + GST

The Commercial Academy addresses the development needs and areas of AACS members’ core capabilities through a range of courses to enhance their skills and competencies.

Retail & Procurement

  1. Supplier Understanding
  2. Strategic Procurement
  3. Negotiation Skills for Buyers
  4. Annual Business Plans with Suppliers

Customer Development & Management

  1. Solution Based Selling
  2. Customer Planning and Management
  3. Fundamentals of Negotiation
  4. Commercial Acumen and Planning

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