The AACS strives to be an industry leading association in the promotion and integration of sustainability and the associated goals, initiatives and outcomes for the convenience channel and the broader retail environment.

AACS will

aacs will

...endeavour to ‘bring to light’ a common understanding of the collective plans, execution and outcomes of our retail and supplier members, as they strive to reach their own individual sustainability goals.

aacs will

aacs will a role of conduit between all stakeholders to amplify progress within the channel as members continue a transformational journey to have sustainability as a key pillar within their overall business strategy.

aacs will

aacs will with other leading Industry Associations on Sustainability initiatives that impact retail, consumers and the community. These will include expert industry leaders in the areas of waste management reduction, food waste reduction and product litter.

to bring this to life, AACS will:

Promote a collective responsibility across our membership base to environmental, economic and community sustainability.
Identify platforms to speak openly on sustainability initiatives within the convenience channel.
Amplify through traditional media the initiatives and innovation that is occurring both by retailers and suppliers in the sustainability space.
Share global sustainability trends and best practice with members via newsletters and webinars.
Use examples of sustainability initiatives when engaging with external stakeholders and government officials to build cases for a clear regulatory pathway for execution.
Organise, support, and promote campaigns/forums for members to highlight the impacts of sustainability initiatives within the channel.

We represent our members in matters most pressing to the industry and strongly lobby for government reforms. With various tiers of membership, there is a level of support suitable for every business size.