Volkswagen has joined forces with Ampol to offer Volkswagen electric-car owners discounted rates across the petrol retailer’s growing recharging network – and its home EV charger installation packages.

Under the scheme, Volkswagen electric-car customers will receive discounted Ampol public EV charging rates for the first 12 months of vehicle ownership, however the prices won’t be announced until closer to the first local showroom arrivals later this year.

The Ampol EV network will supplement Volkswagen’s 100-plus dealerships across Australia, which are also due to install electric-car fast-chargers to support upcoming models such as:

  • VW ID.4 SUV
  • VW ID.4 GTX Performance SUV
  • VW ID.5 SUV Coupe
  • VW ID.5 GTX Performance SUV Coupe
  • VW ID.Buzz (electric Kombi)
  • VW ID.Buzz Cargo (electric Kombi delivery van) 

In an industry first, Volkswagen says customers also will be able to colour-code their Ampol home charger to their Volkswagen electric vehicle – in one of five colours.

“Customers will be able to use an augmented reality (AR) tool accessed via their smartphone camera to ‘scan’ their garage or carport for suitable locations (for the home charger),” said a statement from Volkswagen.

“The app can advise (customers) if the location is suitable or not in real time, before an installer arrives.”

Volkswagen Australia says the Ampol deal is “absolutely crucial” to its goal to have electric-car sales overtake those of its petrol and diesel vehicles by 2028 locally.

Volkswagen says it will announce the rates for Ampol public vehicle charging ahead of its electric-car range rollout in the second half of 2024.

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