The convenience store bakery comes of age

Gillian Hurst

Time is today’s most valuable commodity. In business you get what you want by giving your customers what they want. In the current economic environment, consumers are more pressured than ever to meet deadlines and keep to tight schedules.

As a result, the easy-to-access forecourt bakery with its numerous on-the-go meal options has grown and evolved to a whole new level and has proved a safe bet in this recessionary period.

Suzelle Spies, food service consultant for BP’s Wild Bean café’s confirms this, “The traditional forecourt bakery as we know it has grown from a small section of the store that just offers self-service bread, rolls and pies, to one that offers ready-to-eat products, hot beverages and has a defined space on the shop floor with dedicated service and a much wider range.” The c- store bakery has come of age!

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