Retail leaders from the Master Grocers Association (MGA), the Australian Lotteries and Newsagents Association (ALNA) and united by the Australian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) call on the Albanese Government to convene a national policy summit to identify urgent actions to quash black market sales of e-cigarettes.

The ABC’s 4 Corners has exposed the chasm in leadership that has supported the rising black market vaping trade which targets and exploits young Australians.

This current regulatory approach is effectively prohibitionist and is directly contributing to the chaos in the market and enabling illegitimate retailers to sell unregulated products to anyone, including children.
The system is failing Australian parents, schools, children, healthcare providers and consumers.

“The UK and New Zealand have implemented very effective regulatory models that is keeping these products out of the hands of their youth, giving retailers a restricted range to sell and limiting the black market” CEO of ACCS Theo Foukkare said

“The effect of policy failings in containing and eliminating both illicit tobacco and illicit e cigarettes is now more than ever, having negative effects on population health and the degeneration of legitimate retailers”

No amount of enforcement under the current regulatory model can reverse this reality.
It is abundantly clear that as a result of the Morrison Government’s poorly informed approach, Australia is behind the rest of the world in vaping regulation.

It is time to reset.

A national policy summit on vaping is needed to:

  • design cost-effective enforcement measures
  • abolish the prescription scheme which is not being accessed by consumers
  • identify ways to disrupt the unruly syndicates that are driving black market trade
  • support immediate age limits on sales and marketing restrictions
  • implement a national licencing scheme for all retailer sellers of vaping products, underpinned by a national product accountability tracking scheme
  • limit sales of nicotine vaping products to licensed, responsible retailers.

The system is failing. How it is addressed in the interests of adult consumers, in preventing youth access and the wider legitimate retail industry will be a critical test of Prime Minister Albanese’s Government.
Theo Foukkare (AACS) is available for interview: 0423 003 133

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