Regulations enforceable 1 September 2024

There are new laws coming into effect in Queensland from 1 September 2024
which mean that knives and other items will be considered controlled items.

Sellers must ensure knives and other controlled items are not sold to minors under 18 years and this will require age checks, staff instruction, in-store signage, and advertising restrictions.

Some knives, such as those made from plastic or with a rounded end, are exempt.

Particular controlled items, such as axes, machetes, and swords, cannot be sold to minors but must also be securely stored prior to sale, such as in locked cabinets or tethered so they cannot be removed without staff assistance.

Restricted items, such as gel blasters which could be mistaken for real firearms, cannot be sold to minors, must be securely stored, and have additional obligations for both sellers and buyers.

Information and support for business

– Laws impacting the sale of knives and controlled items in Queensland –

The National Retail Association has been officially engaged by the Queensland Police Service to engage and assist businesses to understand and prepare for the new laws.

From May to October 2024, the National Retail team are delivering a range of support services for businesses, including a tollfree hotline, factsheets and signage, online webinars, and physical visits to thousands of stores in retail centres and precincts across Queensland.

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