11/07/22; Nine News

Melbourne shop owner has been charged with selling vapes to children and stripped of almost $30,000 worth of the e-cigarettes.

Police raided the man’s shop on Pitt Street in Eltham, in Melbourne’s north, on Wednesday after multiple reports were made about the shop selling vapes being sold to under-18s.

The man was allegedly found to not have an appropriate licence to sell nicotine vapes at all.

The seized vapes have a combined value of almost $30,000. Pictured: E-cigarette cartridges (file image). (AP)

Officers seized 1154 vapes from him, which have a combined estimated value of almost $30,000.

The 56-year-old Eltham man was arrested and charged with the illegal sale of vapes to underage persons, failing to hold an appropriate licence to sell nicotine vapes and unauthorised supply of nicotine vapes.

He was released on bail to appear before Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court in October.

Selling a nicotine vaping product to someone under 18 without without a valid prescription can equate to a $18,492 fine.

Anyone with information about retailers or individuals illegally selling vaping products can report it to Victoria Police via Crime Stoppers Victoria or the Police Assistance Line.

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