Sergeant Michelle O’Rielley

Dear Managers,

State Crime Prevention Branch would like to advise you and your members on a number of resources available that may assist your industry in improving security and minimising the opportunity for robberies.

Local Crime Prevention Sections are available to provide managers and staff with the ‘SAPOL Armed Robbery Prevention Kit’. This kit provides up to date information including strategies to reduce the risk of crime and improve the safety of staff and customers. Also included is a suspect description form, a ‘No Cash’, ‘Keep Cash Low’ and ‘Height’ sticker, a ‘Temporarily Closed’ sign and a ‘CODE A’ Poster.

The kit is supported with a Local Crime Prevention member available to give an ‘Armed Robbery Prevention’ presentation that provides invaluable information regarding premises design; cash handling tips; reducing and minimising the risk to both the staff and business; CCTV information; and staff information including personal safety should an armed robbery occur and staff welfare.

To book your free Armed Robbery Prevention presentation and to receive a kit, please contact your Local Service Area Crime Prevention Section for assistance. Contact details are listed.

Further resources your industry may wish to distribute amongst your members is a number of Crime Prevention fact sheets designed at providing strategies to further ensure security and safety within the workplace. These fact sheets are available on the SAPOL internet site at

The fact sheets have also been included in this correspondence and include: Armed Robbery; Business security; and CCTV information.

If you would like further information or assistance please do not hesitate in contacting Sgt Michelle O’Rielley via email or on 73224010

Download the Armed Robbery Fact sheet

Download the CCTV Fact sheet

Download the Business Security Fact sheet

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