Amazon Delivery Trial Begins at 7-Eleven

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SEATTLE — Amazon’s in-store pick-up system will likely begin its trial at select 7-Eleven store by the end of this week, according to a GeekWire report.

The system, which has not been officially confirmed by Amazon, allows customers to use computerized lockers at 7-Eleven stores as temporary P.O. boxes. When packages arrive, customers will receive an e-mail with a bar code that can be printed or scanned from their phones at the store to reveal a PIN, which they will then use to open the locker and retrieve their package, according to the report.

If the trial is successful, a nationwide roll-out could give an edge to Amazon, which previously lacked any form of in-store pickup. Competing retailers with both online and brick-and-mortar stores, such as Best Buy, already offer customers the option of picking up their online orders at their local stores.

A clerk at the 1522 East Madison Street 7-Eleven in Seattle told GeekWire that the store plans to activate the lockers as soon as Friday, Sept. 9. The 40 lockers at that location come in a variety of sizes with a keypad and monitor at the center of the unit.

Image courtesy GeekWire

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