safety at work courses

Handling abusive and aggressive customers

$49.50 online course

Customer aggression is on the rise, and it can be a challenge for retail workers to keep control of an escalating situation. What is the best way to handle a customer whose behaviour becomes threatening? What strategies will help diffuse and refocus a bad interaction, and when is it appropriate to walk away?

Active armed offender training

$49.50 online course

Retailers face risks including armed robbery, active armed offender incidents, and assault. Do you know what to do if an active armed offender came into your business with the sole intention of hurting people? Like any emergency, you should have a well-practiced plan for what to do.

workplace health & safety courses

Keeping your customers healthy with food safety

$45.00 online course

Food safety is crucial to protect consumers from the risk of food borne illnesses. This course gives you basic information about maintaining food safety in a retail environment.

Understanding your WHS responsibilities

$31.50 online course

This course will give you some basic information on what WHS laws you must comply to as a business and what may happen if you don't meet the requirements.

customer care courses

how to keep your customers for life

$31.50 online course

We're all familiar with loyalty programs. This course looks at differences between loyalty, reward and incentive schemes, their aims and emerging trends in these areas.

store management courses

Beyond discounts: the promotions that attract sales

$31.50 online course

This course looks at promotional techniques and what might work best for your business. We outline what you should be capturing to monitor the success of the promotion.

How to create displays that wow

$45.00 online course

Visual merchandising gives the customer a reason to buy. It attracts, engages, and motivates the customer towards experiencing your brand. How can you excel at it?

Keeping Control of Inventory

$31.50 online course

This course looks at the best practices and tips to manage your inventory or stock - getting the right stock in the right place at the right time!

leadership courses

maximising profits with business analysis

$31.50 online course

If you don't know how your business is doing, how can you change things? Learn how to effectively analyse your business to curate optimal strategies that work for you.

How you can grow with a Business strategy

$31.50 online course

This course examines how to make those BIG decisions that can have major consequences for your business, especially when you are struggling in a crisis.

Why your manager should be a leader

$31.50 online course

Is a good manager automatically a good leader? What is the difference between leadership and management? This course looks at what it takes to be a successful leader.

social media courses

Which ecommerce platform is best for me

$31.50 online course

In the increasingly digital world, should I move my business online? How do I make the transition? What would the advantages be? How can I learn how to manage this platform?

Effectively selling on social media

$31.50 online course

Should I be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok - all of them, some of them, or none of them? We explore how social media has changed and you can leverage each platform.

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